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AMICO School Testbed Project
Winter 2000 through Spring 2002

AMICO is committed to making museum multimedia available at all education levels. In order to probe the ways in which school teachers, staff and students might use The AMICO Library, and to uncover weaknesses in content presentation, depth, or coverage we are collaborating with primary and secondary schools in an AMICO School Testbed Project.


During this Project we seek to:

  • Document the current technology infrastructure in the K-12 public and private sample schools
  • Identify barriers and conduits to using the AMICO Library including:
    • Access
    • Time
    • Library Functions
    • Teacher Fluency
    • Student Interest
    • Ancillary Tools
  • Create curricular models that may be applied to a variety of subjects and teaching units at the K-12 level
  • Facilitate discussion and sharing amongst participants
  • Promote the understanding of use of copyrighted materials in the digital world
  • Provide access to other education resources created by AMICO Members
  • Enable participant recommendations for useful educational resources from many online sources
  • Equip this early adopter group to be digital resource masters for the next generation of K-12 users


Job Role
Neme Alperstein Fifth Grade Teacher P.S. 56 Queens, The Harry Eichler School Richmond Hill, NY K-6
Deborah Frederick Librarian Edward Bleeker Junior High School Flushing, NY 7-9
June Gordon Art Teacher Elmira Free Academy Elmira, NY 9-12
Terry Guenther Library Media Specialist Arkport Central School Arkport, NY K-12
Eliane Henderson Interdisciplinary Studies Teacher W.E. Greiner Middle School Dallas, TX 7-8
Scott Howe History & Art History Teacher Isidore Newman School New Orleans, LA 9-12
Bobb Jackson French & Spanish Language Teacher Farrer Middle School Provo, UT 7-8
Michelle Marcus Art History and Museum Studies Teacher The Dalton School New York, NY K-12
Carolyn Olson Art Specialist Cotton High School Cotton, MN 9-12
Lorraine Rittmeyer Art Teacher Lakeview Elementary School Sarasota, FL K-6
Constance Vidor Librarian The Cathedral School New York, NY K-8


  • Call for Participation (.PDF file)

    University Testbed
    During the 1998-1999 Academic Year AMICO held an AMICO University Testbed. The lessons learned were invaluable in shaping the first edition of The AMICO Library.

Further Information

  • Please contact AMICO for more details about the progress of the AMICO Schools Testbed


In June of 2005, the members of the Art Museum Image Consortium voted to dissolve their collaboration. This site remains online for archival reasons.