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On-Line Reproduction Request Form

Anyone, including scholars whose institutions do not yet subscribe to The AMICO Library and commercial users ineligible for AMICO educational licenses, can now request reproductions directly from AMICO Members through an on-line Reproduction Request Form. See the Sample Form.

How do I use it?

  1. Search the Thumbnail Catalog
  2. Find the Work You're Interested In
  3. Choose 'Rights' to request Reproduction details
  4. Complete the Online Form
  5. You'll hear directly from the appropriate AMICO Member.

Why do I need this?

Finding reproductions and negotiating rights to reproduce works of art is reputed to be a complex and frustrating process. Scholars, and even commercial users whose job it is to locate images, often don’t know whom to contact, and rights holders are frustrated when the information they receive isn’t complete enough for them to evaluate the request. A standard reproduction request form that includes clear identification of the work in question and the desired use of the reproduction will streamline the process for everyone involved.

How does it work?

Each work in The AMICO Library is represented in the Thumbnail Catalog available at A rights link in the work’s description opens a customized Reproduction Request Form that includes a small image of the work and its full citation. Once completed, these requests are routed directly to the appropriate office at an AMICO Member institution. Martha King of the National Gallery of Canada and Chair of the AMICO Rights Committee says, “There’s no possibility of confusion about the work requested when a user completes the on-line form. This removes a cause of frustration for us and of delays for those who want to use reproductions from our collection. There are many ‘landscapes’ in our collection and often we invest a lot of time trying to figure out which one a request references.”

Brad Nugent, Associate Director for Imaging for The Art Institute of Chicago concurs, “We want to be able to fast-track scholars’ requests while also maintaining our commercial revenue streams. The ease and utility of the on-line Reproduction Request Form meets those needs perfectly, by giving us the information we need, in a concise and consistent manner.” To use the Rights Request Form simply visit the Thumbnail Catalog on the AMICO public Web site Use either the Simple or Advanced Search options to find a work. Click on the Rights hyperlink in the work’s description, and complete the customized on-line form.

Who Processes Requests?

Submitted forms are forwarded directly to the appropriate person at an AMICO Member Institution, and when necessary, are also copied to the rights society representing the artist or estate. Users whose institutions subscribe to The AMICO Library – a digital resource that includes works of contemporary art for which AMICO pays royalties – continue to have rights for a range of educational uses, as defined in the AMICO Library license. The on-line Reproduction Request Form provides these users with a simple means to request further rights, including those for publication.

Need more Information?

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In June of 2005, the members of the Art Museum Image Consortium voted to dissolve their collaboration. This site remains online for archival reasons.