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AMICO Library Model Assignments

New media, including The AMICO Library™, promises to make new ways to study and teach art history possible. The AMICO Library is a resource that goes beyond what has been available in the past with slide libraries and illustrated books. The AMICO Model Assignments have been designed to illustrate some of these new pathways to teaching and study. None of the assignments themselves are especially complicated technologically. Instead, they are designed to show how the technology of The AMICO Library can be used to develop new insights and teaching approaches to art and art history.

Range of Assignment Types

A few assignments require students to do original research on museum art objects of the highest quality and significance that they have not been exposed to in class, something facilitated by The AMICO Library. Other exercises expand on such traditional art history assignments as identification and compare and contrast. Some assignments were prepared for individual students to use on their own outside of regular lectures and classroom assignments

Flexible Content Structures

All of the exercises are designed to be flexible and adaptable to different situations and contexts. Some, for example, may be used with examples supplied from The AMICO Library, with other examples chosen by the instructor, or with images researched by the students. Others could be used by individual students, groups of students, or by the instructor in a class discussion.

Provide Feedback

All the AMICO assignments have been tested against The AMICO Library to make sure there is sufficient content to complete the exercise. We are expanding this area with additional assignments on a regular basis and would appreciate understanding your needs for more exercises in a particular area or of a particular type. Also, we would like to post assignments from faculty of subscribing schools to make this area as rich and useful as possible. Please email if you wish to comment on the existing assignments, suggest future assignments, or contribute something you've created.

Model Assignments

Western Art History (Assignments in other periods to come)
  Greek Art
  Exercise in Classical Greek Art and Its Legacies I Essay
Exercise in Ancient Greek Art Essay
Exercise in Classical Greek Art Sculpture Essay
Exercise in Greek Vase Painting Essay
Case Study in Classical Art and Archaeology Essay
19th Century Art
  Find and Compare Exercises for Modern European Art, 1780-1900 (6 Exercises) Comparison
Modern and 20th-Century Art and Design 1880-1945
  Review Set for Modern Art, 1880-1945 (10 Exercises) Multiple Choice
Individual Media Studies
  Case Study Exercise in Old Master Prints
   (Instructor's Guide)
Exercise in American Decorative Arts Comparison
National and Regional Schools
  Group Curatorial Exercise for American Art, 1600-2000  
World Art Survey/Art Appreciation
  Case Study Exercise in Artistic Theme Curatorial
Other Areas of Study
  Studio Art
  Exercise in Computer-Aided Design I Studio
Execise in Studio Art Studio
Exercise in Graphic Design Studio
Exercise in Pattern
Contributed by Roberly Bell , Rochester Institute of Technology
Printing Management & Sciences
  Color in Art and Its Reproduction (PDF)
Contributed by Robert Chung, Rochester Institute of Technology
Museum and Curatorial Studies
  Exercise in Reproduction Rights Research I Research

Survey of Courses Offered

AMICO made a study of teaching at subscribing institutions in the fall of 2000 as background to the Model Assignments

  • Survey of AMICO Library Subscribers by type of institution and courses (.PDF)
  • Additional chart relating to the survey (.PDF)

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In June of 2005, the members of the Art Museum Image Consortium voted to dissolve their collaboration. This site remains online for archival reasons.