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AMICO Member Frequently Asked Questions

Note: AMICO is no longer accepting new members. These pages are maintained for historical reasons.

Who determines the direction of AMICO?
AMICO is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of the directors of its member institutions. The Board has authorized a number of AMICO Committees, consisting largely of AMICO Board members and staff members of AMICO Member institutions, to conduct business and make decisions in specific areas. Current AMICO Committees include the Executive Committee of the Board, the Membership Committee of the Board, and Working Committees on Rights, Technical Operations, Editorial Issues, and User and Uses.

Is there more than one type of AMICO Membership?

Yes. Institutions may join as full or associate members. Full members may vote for the AMICO Board and Officers and must meet minimum data submission totals each year. Associate members receive comparable full member benefits, but do not get voting privileges and do not have submission expectations.

Can my institution join AMICO?
AMICO Membership is open to any not-for-profit institution with a collection of works of art or information about works of art, significant for educational users. Examples of potential AMICO Members include art museums, libraries, universities, natural history museums, and history museums with significant art collections, artist's foundations, and institutions which own or maintain collections of research materials useful for art historical research. AMICO Membership is not open to individual artists, commercial galleries, or profit-making companies.

Members who wish to contribute works to the AMICO Library must be able to meet basic AMICO specifications for image and data submissions.

How can my museum preview the AMICO Library prior to joining AMICO?
Currently a profile of the AMICO Library and thumbnail images of all works are available on the public web site. Also, potential Members may request a free 30-day trial of the comprehensive AMICO Library with limited license terms by completing an online request..

If we join AMICO, can we use our digital documentation in other ways?

Yes. Members? licenses to AMICO are non-exclusive. Most AMICO Members maintain web sites where they publish some of the information about works in their collection that they have contributed to AMICO. Many AMICO Members also license digital images of works in their collections in other ways. AMICO Members make their own choices about what programs of an educational or commercial nature they wish to pursue, without any restriction.

How do AMICO Members get access to The AMICO Library?
Each AMICO Member receives free access to the Library through an AMICO Distributor. Your AMICO Coordinator is your internal resource for providing access and password information to other staff in an AMICO Member?s organization.

Is AMICO developing a network of museums?
No. AMICO is using existing distribution systems to reach educational licensees. But members of AMICO are themselves a network that shares information and expertise.

Is AMICO using special technology?
No. The AMICO Library conforms to existing data and technical standards. The works of art are documented in well-known and widely supported file formats for text, images, and multimedia.

Review The AMICO Library FAQs


In June of 2005, the members of the Art Museum Image Consortium voted to dissolve their collaboration. This site remains online for archival reasons.