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AMICO at the Museum Computer Network
September 5-7, 2002

Join us at MCN in Toronto, for a number of AMICO activities

A Panel Presentation
Thursday September 5, 2002, 3:30 pm

Now we are (almost) five: AMICO’s strategy for sustainability

The Art Museum Image Consortium (AMICO) has been making museum multimedia available for educational use since 1998. It is also one of the very few networked cultural heritage activities to try, and succeed, at being fully self-sufficient without government or grant funding. With over 3 million users at licensed institution, we’re becoming a ‘fact of life’ in arts and humanities education. After five years, participants can reflect concretely on the AMICO model, from a business, technical, museological and educational perspective. Each panelist offer a personal perspective on AMICO’s strategy and objectives, as initially articulated, as they have evolved, and as they continue to develop in the future.

Chair: Jennifer Trant, Executive Director, Art Museum Image Consortium, AMICO, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


David Bearman, Director of Strategy and Research AMICO, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
AMICO Strategy, Progress, Projections

Rich Cherry, Chief Technology Officer, Albright Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, New York, USA
Museum Membership in AMICO

Scott Sayre, AMICO Member Services, AMICO, Minneapolis, MN, USA
AMICO’s Evolving Member Services Program

Roberly Bell, Professor, Foundations, College of Imaging Arts and Sciences, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York, USA
Using The AMICO Library in the studio art curriculum

Kris Wetterlund, AMICO User Services, AMICO, Minneapolis, MN, USA (
Developing AMICO’s User Services

Exhibit Hall Demonstrations of The AMICO Library
September 5-6, 2002 (Thursday night and all day Friday)

See The AMICO Library as it is delivered by all of our Distributors, and compare the ways that museum multimedia can be presented for educational use. Bring your questions about becoming an AMICO Member.

AMICO Members Get Together

If you're planning to attend MCN, let us know at We are getting AMICO Members together for an update on our activities and our move to the University of Toronto.

Learn more about MCN on their web site

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In June of 2005, the members of the Art Museum Image Consortium voted to dissolve their collaboration. This site remains online for archival reasons.