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AMICO Achievements for Year 2001

Download 2001 Achievements as a .PDF file.
Events are in reverse-chronlogical order.

  • AMICO welcomes two new members: the Terra Museum of American Art and The Newark Museum.
  • Nylink – a library consortium – signs a consortial subscription agreement. Nylink members may subscribe to The AMICO Library™ initially through either HW Wilson or VTLS. Nylink members include more than 6000 libraries, universities, and K-12 schools in New York state.

October 2001

  • The Visual Artists and Galleries Association, Inc. (VAGA) and AMICO agree on a worldwide license to include works of art from VAGA-represented artists and estates The AMICO Library.
  • The AMICO Library now has subscribers on four continents; two Australian universities subscribe.

September 2001

  • VTLS – an international company that markets, and supports solutions for managing library collections and accessing information via computer networks – agrees to distribute The AMICO Library, through their multimedia tool suite.

August 2001

  • The Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network (SCRAN) signs a distribution agreement and plans to add The AMICO Library to its existing services available to primary and secondary schools throughout the United Kingdom.
  • First South American subscriber to The AMICO Library, Universidad de los Andes.

July 2001

  • The 2001 edition of The AMICO Library is released, featuring multimedia documentation of approximately 78,000 works of art.
  • HW Wilson will be an AMICO Library Distributor and integrate The AMICO Library with its art and reference databases such as the Art Index, Art Full Text, Art Abstracts, and Biography Reference Bank.

June 2001

  • Research Libraries Group (RLG) and AMICO sign a three-year contract for RLG to continue as non-exclusive AMICO Library distributor.
  • Artists Rights Society (ARS) and AMICO agree to worldwide rights clearance for ARS-represented works in The AMICO Library. This allows AMICO to open subscription to The AMICO Library to educational institutions worldwide.

May 2001

April 2001

  • Approximately 135,000 college and university students in the United Kingdom and 1.35 million students in North America now have access to The AMICO Library.

March 2001

  • AMICO participates in the College Art Association, Visual Resources Association, National Arts Education Association, and Art Libraries Society of North America annual conferences.

February 2001

  • National Museums of Scotland becomes AMICO’s first European member.

January 2001

  • The U.K.’s National Museum Directors Conference IPAC committee is briefed on AMICO.
  • New AMICO/AMICO Library Brochure distributed, outlining benefits of Membership and Subscription.

In June of 2005, the members of the Art Museum Image Consortium voted to dissolve their collaboration. This site remains online for archival reasons.