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Front cover: WMAA.209a.tif

p. 25 Compartment C: WMAA.209u.tif

p. 62 Notre Dame de Paris, Ile Saint Louis, Le Pavillon de Flore: WMAA.209zz.tif



Edward Hopper
(American, 1882-1967)

Artist's ledger - Book II
, 1907-1962
Whole - 11 13/16 x 7 1/2 x 1/2 in. (30 x 19.1 x 1.3 cm)
Ink, graphite and collage on paper

Whitney Museum of American Art
, 945 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10021
No. 96.209a-uuu
Gift of Lloyd Goodrich

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Frontispiece: WMAA.209b.tif
p. 1: WMAA.209c.tif
p. 2, Dauphine's House, Mrs. Scott's House: WMAA.209d.tif
p. 3, City Roofs, Ryder House: WMAA.209e.tif
p. 4, Cape Cod Sunset, Sun on Prospect Street, Dawn Before Gettysburg: WMAA.209fg.tif
Clipping of Dawn Before Gettysburg, hinged to p. 4: WMAA.209fg.tif
p. 5, East Wind on Weehawken: WMAA.209h.tif
p. 6, House at Dusk: WMAA.209ij.tif
Loose clipping of House at Dusk, between pp. 6-7: WMAA.209ij.tif
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p. 11, The Long Leg: WMAA.209m.tif
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p. 14 , notes for The Circle Theatre: WMAA.209o.tif
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p. 17, Cape Cod Afternoon: WMAA.209q.tif
p. 19, Sheridan Theatre: WMAA.209r.tif
p. 21, French 6 Day Rider: WMAA.209s.tif
p. 23, 5 A.M.: WMAA.209t.tif
p.25, Compartment C: WMAA.209u.tif
p. 27, New York Movie House: WMAA.209v.tif
p. 29, Men, Women and Horses: WMAA.209w.tif
p. 31, Cape Cod Evening: WMAA.209x.tif
Loose clipping of Ground Swell, between pp. 32-33: WMAA.209y.tif
p. 33, Ground Swell: WMAA.209z.tif
p. 35, Blockwell's Island: WMAA.209aa.tif
p. 36, House at Eastham, Kelly-Jeness House, House with Dead Tree: WMAA.209bb.tif
p. 37, Marshall's House, R.R. Embankment, Back of Freight Station, House Back of Dunes: WMAA.209cc.tif
p. 38, Locust Trees: WMAA.209dd.tif
p. 39, Cold Storage Plant, Cottages at Welfleet: WMAA.209ee.tif
Thumbnail of Cottages at Welfleet, hinged to p. 39: WMAA.209ee.tif
p. 40, House on Pamet River, Jenness House Looking North, The Forked Road: WMAA.209ff.tif
p. 41, Longnook Valley, Pamet River Road, Hill and Cow: WMAA.209gg.tif
p. 42, Jenness House (III), Jenness House (IV): WMAA.209hh.tif
p. 43, Yacht Riding a Swell, House with Big Pine: WMAA.209ii.tif
p. 44, Vermont Hillside, House with a Rain Barrel, Oaks at Eastham: WMAA.209jj.tif
p. 45, Spindley Locusts, Mountain Meadow, Near the Back Shore: WMAA.209kk.tif
p. 46, Toward Boston and Route 14, Vermont: WMAA.209ll.tif
Loose sheet, thumbnails of Shacks at Pamet Head and Route 14, Vermont: WMAA.209mm.tif
p. 47, Shacks at Pamet Head, Mouth Pamet River - Full Tide: WMAA.209nn.tif
Loose sheet of thumbnails: WMAA.209oo.tif
p. 49, Gravel Bar White River, White River at Royalton, White River at Sharon: WMAA.209pp.tif
p. 51, First Branch of White River, Windy Day, Vermont Sugar House: WMAA.209qq.tif
p. 53, Bob Slater's Hill, Sugar Maple, Rain on River: WMAA.209rr.tif
p. 55, Cottage at N. Truro, Crossing at Eastham: WMAA.209ss.tif
p. 57, Oregon Coast, Shoshone Cliffs, House at San Mateo: WMAA.209tt.tif
p. 58, records for Four Dead Trees and Cobb House: WMAA.209uu.tif
Thumbnail sketches, hinged to p. 58: WMAA.209vv.tif
Thumbnail sketch, hinged to p. 58: WMAA.209ww.tif
p. 60, Le Louvre et la Seine, Le Pont des Arts, Le Parc de Saint-Cloud: WMAA.209xx.tif
p. 61, Appres midi de Juin, Ecluse de la Monnaie, Bridge on the Seine: WMAA.209yy.tif
p. 62,
Notre Dame de Paris, Ile Saint Louis, Le Pavillon de Flore: WMAA.209zz.tif
p. 63, Le quai des Grands Augustin, Le Pont Royal: WMAA.209aaa.tif
p. 68, Sailing, Tramp Steamer: WMAA.209bbb.tif
p. 69, Railroad Train, Station: WMAA.209ccc.tif
p. 70, Moonlight Interior, American Village: WMAA.209ddd.tif
p. 71, Bootleggers: WMAA.209eee.tif
p. 73, East River: WMAA.209fff.tif
p. 74: WMAA.209ggg.tif
p. 75: WMAA.209hhh.tif
p. 77, The Macarthur's Home: WMAA.209iii.tif
p. 79, Office at Night: WMAA.209jjj.tif
p. 81, Light Battery at Gettysburg: WMAA.209kkk.tif
p. 83, Gas: WMAA.209lll.tif
p. 85, House by a Road: WMAA.209mmm.tif
p. 87, Corner Saloon: WMAA.209nnn.tif
p. 89, Girlie Show: WMAA.209ooo.tif
p. 91, Route 6: WMAA.209ppp.tif
p. 93, Sea Shore: WMAA.209qqq.tif
p. 95, Night Hawks: WMAA.209rrr.tif
p. 97, Dawn in Pennsylvania: WMAA.209sss.tif
p. 99: WMAA.209ttt.tif
Back cover: WMAA.209uuu.tif

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