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AMICO Data Specification: Text Records

Text Record Specification
Version 1.2

Note: The AMICO Data Specification is comprised of:

A. Text Record Specification (this page)
B. Related Image and Multimedia File Specification
C. AMICO Data Dictionary

The following specifications apply to all structured text records contributed to the AMICO Library, as specified in the AMICO Data Dictionary.

  1. File Format
    • Data file must be in the ASCII text format.
  2. Character Set
    • The character set must be ISO 8859-1 Latin 1 Standard.
  3. Field Tags and Delimiters
    • Each field should be preceded by its three character tag.
    • The field delimiter }~ occurs at the end of each field
    • Repeating groups of fields should be preceded by the three character group tag, followed directly by the field delimiter }~ No data is contained in the group tag.
    • Each field within a group should be preceded by a tag and followed by the field delimiter.
  4. Record Delimiter
    • The record delimiter | occur s at the end of a record.
    • Subsequent records begin on a new line in the file.
  5. Fields with No Data
    • Fields, other than group fields, with no data may be omitted from the record. Field tags may appear with no data, unless data is required.
  6. Field Order
    • Fields may appear in any order in the record, provided that Group fields appear following their group tag.
  7. Use of HTML in records
    • The Paragraph <P> </P>, Bold <B> </B> and Italic <I> </I> tags may be included in AMICO Library Records.


    See a sample catalog record in text output format.

See other parts of the AMICO Data Specification


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